Broken Boy

Broken Boy Final?.jpg

Broken Boy

by Aaron Margolin

After leaving the bedroom I found myself lost in the desert. A week of searching created an hour long headache. The pain was so bad, the mountains in the distance turned into sleeping giants moved by wind. The desert heat parched my throat and melted the strings of my instruments.


Then, as I felt the sun was about to swallow me whole, I found a chord under the sand. It’s feeling was new and haunting to me. I followed the chord until it lead to a cheap AKM320 Midi Piano. Barley knowing how to play anymore, because I was no longer a child; I forced a G, an F, and a C. As the notes sunk in to the sand, a great tremor shook around me and Complexes, Theatres and Foodtrucks rose from below.


Before me now stood a magnificent and horrific city. In buildings housed stars and people who wear masks more detailed then I had ever seen before. My discovery in the desert gave me respite from the sun, yet I still felt a burning around me. With my only possessions being my keyboard and questions in my head, I began to wander the lonely streets.


I was no longer lost in the desert, but now I was lost in an entirely different way.